A Car Well-built

I am the original owner of a 2004 Mustang GT Convertible, manual transmission. I currently have just short of 320,000 miles and going strong. I average approximately 200 miles per day on the car to and from work and it's been a load off my shoulders to know that I can trust it to hold up under the constant road stress. My wife's 11-year old mini-van only reached 275,000 miles before her engine siezed and we had to buy a new van. The value of preventative maintenance can not be underestimated as the oil changes every 5000 miles definitely help. I've also flushed the cooling system and will be doing the fuel system next month. Despite its high mileage and age, I've not had to give her a tune-up, replace the starter, or any of the cooling system parts. I have had to replace the transmission, as well as the clutch, the intake manifold, and the brakes -though the original brakes lasted nearly 5 years. I'm looking forward to reaching 400000 miles and further proving that the Ford Mustang is built to last.