A 13 Year Old's Dream.

When I turned 13 I really started noticing cars. And the first car I noticed was the Ford Mustang. My dad was already letting me drive and we were living in Florida so needless to say...Mustangs were everywhere! Of course my mom was like...no, no that kind of car is just to fast for you. But I was NOT going to give up. So when I turned 16 and my parents gave me my first car it WAS NOT a Mustang. As the years went by I just could never get enough money to get my car. Now here it is many years later and I still haven't been able to get my car, but I haven't given up. I just hope I won't be 90 years old getting my first Mustang. This has been my dream for over 30 years and I won't give up, that's just how much I LOVE Ford Mustang's!
Stacy dont give up your dream. I fell in love with the mustang when I was 7. I took me till I was fifty to realize that dream. Any thing is possible. And dont let anybody talk you out of your dream. That was the greatist day when I first drove my 2012 GT
Tim R 04/22/2012
Stacy, I share your passion and love for Mustangs and just like you, it's a lifelong dream of mine to drive one. However, here in Belgium, Mustangs are an absolute rarity and a extremely expensive car to import. Hopefully, one day, I'll be behind the wheel of one but until that day I'm just glad I can be a part of the Ford family and legacy with my new Focus 2012, which I bought yesterday.
Tammy F 04/12/2012
DON'T GIVE UP THE DREAM - I LUV THOSE STANGS..... My daily driver is a 95' 5.0 5speed GT with 288K miles and still running strong and surprisingly still looks good even with these cold, dreary Ohio nasty winters.....I just hate Ohio weather....Anyway, I figured away around being able to drive this baby even in the worse of those winter days and I don't just drive around the corner to work. I drive 85 miles daily, but when you put on a set of good firestone blizzak winter snow tires on you can't beat the drivability, don't need front wheel or 4 wheel drive....it's such a fun car, so don't give up your dream....it can happen. I've seen ads for left over, never titled beautiful GT's at a very reasonable price. I seen one at a car lot...man..it was a beautiful arrest me, pull me over, never titled, Vibrant red 2008' I believe they were asking $17 or $18K at the car lot. Gezzzz....it was all I could do to maintain and not buy because mine is still running good and didn't want to give it up at the time...and so dependable... take care. MustSally89'