71-73 Mustangs

After my Dad and I aquired a nice 71 Mach 1 Mustang, I decided to start a website dedicated to the 71-73 model years. It seems that many Mustang sites over look these 3 infamous years when the Mustang grew in size and changed shape dramatically. The site can be found at 7173mustangs.com and has been steadily growing with support from many other 71-73 Mustang fans! I have attached a photo of our grabber yellow 71 Mach 1. It has a 302 bored to 306 emgine with a mild cam, Holly Carb, Edelbrock intake and many other performance upgrades.
Suzanne B 10/10/2012
Oh how I miss my girl! Stolen and wrecked in 89! Just the sound of the engine made me wake up in the morning. Wish I could get another one, but would it still feel the same? Well, YEAH! Just something about them ;-) Where's your website? Would love to see it! find me on facebook Suzanne Benton Carlson
My dad bought a '72 Mach 1 in Gold Glow brand new and it later became my car. I was always a huge fan of these ultra flat Mustang's styling, though many didn't feel this way. Our Mustang would consistantly win first in driven class cars. BTW, you have a nice car brother.