700.000 Miles Ford

HI FORD IT Shirley Fender my Mustang GT is at 700.000 and is running great the Mustang has never had the engine transmission or rear axle taken apart for overhauling it is all orginal the ford Mustang GT is the best car on the road my Ford Mustang GT is a 1989 25 anniversary edition and know FORD would like people to know how good a FORD is and the only way to do that is go to past and i am the only owner of the car i bought it new at charles wilde FORD in haysville NC FORD can sale new car all day but the story will be in ten years on how good the car was I have 21 years of a story now on how good FORD is now FORD is the best built and I have the story to back it up know car company has this but FORD I have sold 30 car for FORD with my story that I know of myself and know telling how many more my son has 340.000 miles on his FORD ranger FORD has it THANK YOU Shirley Fender MARS HILL NC FORD COUNTRY
Jayhari M 04/06/2012
WOW!! 700,000 miles!!
Craig Carpenter 11/03/2011
Great testimony to the "Quality is Job#1" programs that Ford put induring the late 80's and 90's. They did build them well.
Dane 09/13/2010
WOW this is so much more then amazing ive never heard of a car making it to that kind of milage before ford really needs to make a comercial out of this if everyone saw this story they might think serously about making there next car a ford
Brad Noell 09/04/2010
700 thousand miles?! The next time I get a car it's gonna be a Ford
Dustin Embler 09/03/2010
Wow what a amazing ford that is the true quality of a real ford. This car could be a national monument for the entire ford company it would be amazing to see this car in a historical ford museum or even in a comercial WOW talk about ford finally over throwing its greatest rivals toyota and chevy by a landslide if people all over the world could see this true American legend in a comercial!!!!
Reilly Jenkins 08/30/2010
This is awesome. Ms. Fender is such a great woman i'm glad she got this car. That is awesome it has that many miles on it! Good luck with everything on your car
Tristan 08/29/2010
Way to go Ms. Fender! Wish my car would get even 1/5th of the milage you've gotten!
Shooting for 1 million miles? Good luck!
Teresa Baldwin 08/18/2010
This is truly an amazing story! Most vehicles do not ever reach that kind of mileage without a rebuilt engine or transmission. Vehicles made today are lacking in quality. This story just goes to prove that newer does not necessarily mean better. Definitely a good Ford commercial on this story!
chad Eckerich 08/18/2010
wow thats crazy a car actually having that many miles on it and still running good. Definately should be on a commercial ford.