619,000 Miles And Counting On A Ford Mustang

I’ve owned my 1971 Ford Mustang since it was brand new. I now have 619,484 miles on the car. Every mile and every drop of fuel has been logged. Very close to original. I’ve done all of the maintenance and repairs, including engine rebuilding. I think it might make it another 300,000 or 400,000 miles, which would make it 1,000,000 miles total. We’ve always been a Ford family, and I think Ford makes the best cars.
wayne w 08/24/2013
Thats a beautifull 71 and your right Ford is a great car company & they didn't take the taxpayers money to stay in business. I bought my 1966 Mustang new & still enjoy driving it when the weather is good. I am very devoted to Ford as i own a 2014 Mustang GT and a Lincoln MKX for my wife. I have 255,000 miles on my 66 & plan on driving it as long as i can. Best of luck & happy driving. Wayne Wilmot, Aiken SC 
Federico 08/27/2010
Congratulations from Italy too!
Dilipkumar 04/26/2010
I appreciate and wonder how much passion Dick is having towards FORD. I would love to see Mustangs in India !
Amorim 01/28/2010
Dick, I've been working at Ford from 5 months and I already can guess your feeling...
I hope you have many miles with this absolutely powerful engine!
Roxanne 01/27/2010
You are the man, We have many old original ford cars including a Boss 429 we love them more than anything and Ford is and will always be a legend. I know you will reach you goal of 1,000,000. keep driving and keep the legend alive!
Dan 01/18/2010
I'm thinking he must have lost count around 60,000 miles
John Smolinski 01/07/2010
Dick, your story is worth gold. My first car was a 73 Mustang Mach 1, 351 Cleveland Engine. It was the 80's when I had it and the engine purred just like you said. The memories of that car last more than any other of the 10 cars I owned. And I am sorry to say I sold it. The new owner said he was a Ford employee out in NJ, so if you are reading this, where is the pic you said you were gonna mail me?

keep rockin,
Andy 01/03/2010
Hello Dick! I think your story is fantastic. My story starts off kind of like yours. My grandfather passed away in late August and left me some money to buy a Mustang - and this is where my story begins. Since a young age I have always admired the Ford Mustang, its different body styles and forms... I hope that my 2002 Sonic Blue GT will hold out until 600,000 miles! You have an awesome car and a great story!
cj 12/18/2009
My next car will be a Ford now.
Christopher Eldredge 12/17/2009
I love stories like these. Congratulations Dick.
terry 12/14/2009
this man is a treasure my deepest respect go's out to him
Rick 12/05/2009
My first car was a 1971 Mustang..... handed down to me from my dad. When we finally retired the old horse, she had almost 300,000 miles on it. The only reason i retired the car, was because i had just bought my first car, a 1973 convertible Mustang. I love that 1971 to 1973 run...the body style still thrills me today, and i'm hoping future Mustangs take some design ideas from those years. BTW, my dad worked in Allen Park ....one night on his way home, he had to make a stop. When he came out, the car had been stolen. Later that night, the police called, they had found it...smacked into a tree.... but the car lived on! Great job Fords
Jeff 10/12/2009
Congratulations Dick! Great job, great story and great passion...thanks for sharing it with the rest of us Ford faithful...
mfarmakas 10/06/2009
idk about ford making the best cars but they have kept the mustang going for almost 50 years and it is one of my favorites
that's definately somethng to b proud of
orange Motors 10/06/2009
Thats why the Mustang is now and always will be considered a legend.
Chris 10/06/2009
I can't count the number of trashed out, beaten up 70's Mustangs I see. Makes me sad! I wish people cared more about their cars like this guy! I may drive imports, but I still have respect and love for muscle.
Andrea 10/06/2009
Markus 10/05/2009
thats an awsome story about one of the sexiest cars ever build
Kapil Jolly 10/05/2009
You're living my dream buddy. If only my country had enthusiasts like you and cars like the mustang, I would have lived the dream myself. I'm your true and first fan here atleast. I hope and pray you get to see the pony do the next 3 or 4 hundred thousand miles. And you're absolutely right about one thing, Its only because You care.
Jarid shaw 10/05/2009
Ur the type of person that inspires young gear heads like me keep going with that 1,000,000 mile mark I really hope u reach that goal!!!!!
markos mavrakis 10/05/2009
respect, i am only 15 and would only hope of buying a car as beautiful as that soon