46 Years Later

My first new car was a 1963 Pontiac which was my gift to me the year i finished my 4 year tour in the Marines. A year & half later came the 641/2 Mustang. I wanted one but i had to wait till 1966 & bought it from Edmonds Ford in Arl, Va. I had expected to keep it a few years but 30 years later i had it restored. Today it has 250,000 on it & it's still on the road. I enjoy driving it & do most rain free days. I of course did not intend to keep it this long. My wife drives a MKX & i also drive a Town Car which in the next few days i plan on buying a 2013 GT Premium Convertable Mustang but at age 70 i don't believe i'll keep it 46 years. I was very happy to see my favorite car company NOT take any of the tax payers money to survive which is a statement of it's own. Well i guess my story is i have tried other car companies but i always came back to Ford. Good luck to you FORD MOTOR COMPANY & thanks for my 1966 Tang.