40 Years Together

By Paul M.

This past June, I celebrated a milestone. I have owned my 1964.5 Mustang coupe for 40 years. It was my first car purchased from the original owner who purchased the car new from my father in May 1964. It served me thru those years in high school, a year at tech school, my wedding, raising 2 children and was one of 4 classic Mustangs at my daughters wedding in 2000. Still wearing it's factory black paint with it's white vinyl roof it doesn't get used as much as it once did, but it's always game for a exciting run thru the country roads where we live. The spare which was on the car once still has the air that was pumped into when it was mounted back in 1964. The car at 47 years old has some nicks and scratches, but has held up well with all it's been put thru. I was hooked on Mustangs when they came out in 1964 and to this day, couldn't imagine a world without a Mustang.
Edson Valladao 11/08/2011
want to make a correction on the sentence I wrote yesterday.
"I also can not see the world without a Mustang, as well as also never imagine the world without a Ford vehicle.
Please excuse my typo.
Edson Valladao 11/07/2011
I also can not see the world without a Mustang though not one, but I can actually see the world without a vehicle FORD