300,000 Miles And Counting

I wanted to share my story of my 2004 Mustang. I'm the original owner and when I purchased my Mustang in 2004 it had twenty seven miles. Right now, I'm two hundred miles shy of 300,000 miles. I have enough confidence to drive my 2004 Ford Mustang coast-to-coast. I'm planning a trip to south Florida from my home in Alabama, March 2012. Without any reservations, I'm driving my Ford Mustang. I'm believe there are several reasons for my car performance. I learned early on the importance of preventive maintenance. I've always used a Motorcraft filter when changing the oil. I mostly driven in the 1500 to 2000 RPM range, very seldom accelerated past 3000 RPMs. I'm averaging twenty-seven MPG highway. I experienced no major maintenance to speck-of with the exception of a transmission replacement about nine months ago. The water and the power steering pumps are original. The sparkplugs were replaced around 275,000 miles along with the O2 sensors and valves cover gaskets. I also own a 2007 Mercedes CLS 550. But when it's fun in the sun, I thoroughly enjoy driving my Ford Mustang. A good product!