3 Generations With One Car

By Nick S.

My father purchased his first mustang in 1978 and loved every inch of it, when he left for the navy my uncle destroyed it and sold it behind my dads back. he searched for 20 years until he found a 1965 "notchback" mustang and fell in love all over again. 5 years later we finished the rebuild and "hot-rodification" (custom wheels/tires, paint, exhaust, intake/carb, headers, heads) but,  sadly, shortly after we finished he passed away and i inheirited the car and put it into storage (keeping up on the maintnence). 12 years later my son was born and he had a uncanny attraction to the garage where the mustang was stored and the car itself when he finally saw it. He's six years old now and we take regualr trips in it and he jumps at the chance of even looking at or sitting in it. i cant wait to see his reaction to his first car show in it. just goes to show the love for this car has transended through our blood 3 generations and hopefully more than that.