2014 Marks The End Of This Mustang Fan

I have loved mustangs since the first drive in my 1964 1/2 coupe. Mustang got me with true AMERICAN MUSCLE and lost me at "most european friendly mustang ever". The 2013 boss will be the last mustang purchase of mine. If ford wants its muscle car to be more focused on eco friendly MPG then throw two more doors on it and call it a sedan. The new boss mustang is what mustang is truly all about.
N. Rodriguez 01/08/2012
How can we be so sure that Ford's going to make the Mustang "eco friendly" I mean, if Ford's gonna sell the Mustang in Europe, who's to say they won't make it faster? We're talking about the continent where world renowned supercars are created, along with sterotypes that American sports cars are inferior to european ones. This is an obvious lie Ford can easily disprove, and what better way to that, than to outrun a Ferrari 458 around the Nurbergring with a beefed-up Ford Mustang?
All i can say is I cant wait to order my 2013 GT500
Lars 12/14/2011
The Mustang is the longest continual un-interrupted production vehicle in North America for a reason. Drive a new Mustang, it makes owning an old one hard to justify sometimes. The new technology and powerplant options available has given the new genre an advantage that simply can't be compared for driveability, safety and performance. Having said that, when you pull up to the lights or gas station in an old Mustang, you will always get continual nods, smiles, thumbs up and unsolicited "I love you car!" comments from people, somehow it makes owning an old one all worth the tinkering and fuss. But isn't that what a true car enthusiast is all about? Keeping the history alive? I can honestly say I have met a class of people so different and so varied from all walks of life and all career backgrounds in this hobby unlike any other organized club or group I have been involved with. Mustang owners are so unified and passionate about their cars. it has been a life long love affair for me without regret. So Im sure Ford has a great idea for the New Mustang, we know it will have IRS and share it's platform with Lincoln, but it will still be all Mustang and it will catch the eye of a new generation of buyer. Keep up the fantastic work Ford!

1971 Boss 351 owner
James Brija 11/09/2011
It's funny, my grandmother (who owned an original 64 1/2) hates top gear, and anytime I mention anything about power she asks "What's the point? You can't use it anywhere." I just reply Exactly! That's the point! You've got the power. Supercars don't have to mean anything, theirs is to be mental! lol
why not go back to the english displacements such as 302 283 and leave out the liters
I am in agreement
Paul Mickelson 11/07/2011
Nothing better than rolling down the road at a high rate of fuel consumption! I agree 100%