2011 Mustang A Home Run.

Things were bad after my wife passed away last December 28th 2010. I wanted to get out of the house so I went to the gym Sunday evening only to learn they were closing in ten minutes. So rather than go home I went up Route 37 and pulled into Downs Fords parking lot where I spotted my Kona Blue 2011 Mustang sitting all by itself. I walked over and looked inside and spoke out loud "Your going home with me tomorrow". I called Monday bright and early and left Mike Quinn a message to hold the Mustang for me. Mike is more a friend than just a salesman. I arrived and he was putting a note in my car to say it was not for sale. What I soon learned was what a wonderful car the Mustang has become. I get so many compliments and I truly feel the Mustang is a world class car! Not only a home run but a grand slam! Beautiful from every angle of view. Hurray Ford!