200,000 Miles & On My Way To 300,000

Last week my pretty sweet 1999 Ford Mustang rolled over 200,00 miles & still looks as beautiful as she did when I first bought her brand new. I use her almost everyday to drive her 50 miles round trip to my job.I have driven her in every type of Wisconsin weather you can imagine. She has never had any major engine,heating,coolant problems. Has the original clutch,radio/CD player & paint job. I have had the oil changed every 3,000 miles & when ever there has been a problem,it's been fixed right away.The car has taken me to New Jersey,South Dakota,Illinois,& all points in between. I have always felt completely safe in my Mustang & the thrill of driving her everyday never gets old. I know it sounds shallow, but I LOVE my Mustang. My plates read "GOMEME". My 2 year old grandson (at the time) saw me driving up to his house & yelled out "GOMEME". Everyone knows me by my car & my mechanic has offered to buy her if I ever decide to sell her. That's quite an endorsement when a man that makes his living at fixing all kinds of vehicles wants to buy your car with over 200,000 miles on it. However, I don't plan on getting a new car anytime soon. My goal is to keep driving & reach 300,000 & beyond. Thank you Ford.