1995 Gt

My 95' reads a whopping 340M +miles and . . . still going strong! When/if she does die it will be one very sad day. This car has been through many Ohio winters year after year, whether commuting to work, traveling to Michigan sand dunes. . . etc.she has never left me stranded. . .  Oh. . . and. . still hasthe original clutch and doesnotleak adrop ofoil. . .amazing car. . .My first car was a 69' Mustang. . . !FordForever!  Can't wait til I purchase my next new Stang, or Suv, so many great choices I can't decide. . .but I'm sure it'll be a fantastic experience either way. . .

oh. . . my other stang is an 89' GT 34M miles - she's going to be my retirement vechicle!!

Mustang Sally 89' & 95' GT