1988 Mustang - Still In Service

Because my father was a Ford Body Designer, retired in 1987, our family are Ford loyalists. In June 1988, my mother and myself both bought new Mustangs at Stark-Hickey Ford in Redford Township, MI. Since then I've had another Mustang, two Thunderbirds, a Lincoln Mark VIII, a Taurus, and a Milan. On the other hand, my mother IS STILL DRIVING HER '88 MUSTANG.

Mom turns 86 on April 17th and now mostly drives to get her hair done, or to meet her girlfriends for lunch. She just had a new sound system put in and had a tune-up, which she says has really given her Mustang new pep. She says that, nowwhen the traffic light turns green, she's the first one out of the pack.

She's been approached by strangers and mechanics alike to ask if she'd like to sell her car. Curious teenagers look in the windows and ask how old it is. The most astounding thing of all is that it has fewer than 40,000 miles on it, so in 22 years, it's only had a handful of oil changes, and the original set of tires.

I know mom would be thrilled to get a birthday card from Mr. Mullaly or any Ford executive offering her birthday wishes and thanking her for her loyalty to Ford.