The Most Flatering Compliment Of Then All

There have been many times where people have staired at my Mecury Milan. Ive always found it amusing to see pedestrians or other drivers heads move as my Milan dives by. One of the move memorable ones is when I was just driving around town. Another driver in a brand new BMW 5 Series was driving by and you should have seen his face. Here he is staring at my car when he should be concentraining on the road. My Milan gets that a lot though, so I;m used to it. I'm sure he was thinking "WOW!, What kind of car is that?" I absolutly love gettign stared at and I plan on driving For, Lincon, Mercury vehicles for the rest of my life. Go For you rock!
Core 01/10/2011
Ford and Mercury are by and large the best vehicles on the road. Too bad Mercury is temporarily going out of business, I was hoping they would make a new Marauder with a blown 5.4l. One can only hope. If Ford wants to build a sick Crown Vic SVT look me up, i'll help out.
Rick 06/05/2010
Adam I guess you probably liked ugos. right?
adam 03/27/2010
sorry buddy, but the milan is pretty ugly. they arn't staring because it looks good - trust me.
Marty 03/07/2010
you rock Kyle! Fantastic that someone your age actually bought an American car and then a Mercury is all the more awesome. I've loved Mercurys since I was old enough to know my parents drove a Mercury. I guess I'm one of the old people now though, I turned 50 Jan '10 LOL
I hope you'll buy more new Mercurys after the Milan!
Michael 01/13/2010
@Zach, It's really very simple sir... MKS = Sedan, MKX = X-over or Crossover, MKZ = Zephyr from 2006 and much earlier for our elders and now the new MKT = Touring. Of course the MK that starts each is to honor the old Mark system. There! Clear as mud now?
Kyle 01/12/2010
Its funny that Buick's parent company needed bailout money...yeah real competitive. Oh yeah and did any of those brands see a 300% increase in their stocks...nope. Go FORD, LINCOLN, MERCURY!!!!!
Zach 01/07/2010
Uhh! I hate Milans " and the rest of Mercury's line-up " and whoevers head are turnig to look at that must not fave must to look at because there is nothing striking about this car. I dont think there are many people the two hoots about Mercury's exsistance. Ye know the Mercury Explorer, Mercury Escape, Mercury Fusion and the FINALLY outgoing Mercury Ford Crown Victoria since that basically all they are is rebaged For with a waterfall grill " which was stolen fron Buick which is a truely competitive entry level luxury brand " and 2 tone leather. likewhen i think of real competitive entry level luxury brands i think of Lexus, Acura, Infinity, Volvo, Buick, Chysler an oh yea Mercury that is if i even think of Mercory. Lincoln is not competitive either. No its even worse since Lincoln is now putting that HIDIOUS grill on there cars " 4 real it looks like a beached whale slaped on rhe cars, there names i cant remenber i mean who knows the diffrence between MKX, MKT, MKZ " and what the heck they stand for is anyones guess ".
Kyle 01/07/2010
I bought a 2010 Milan Premier to replace my 2008 Accord, I am so happy I did!!!! My Milan is soooo much better :) I used to joke about Mercury's being old people cars, but with their new line up its attacting us young people. I'm only 20 and I love my Mercury!!!!!
Todd 12/07/2009
That'ss o awsome! I wood love to sit in ur Mecury Milen and fel the g's!!!
Mitch Reed 11/28/2009
I share your enthusiasm. I owned an 07 Milan LS until this past July when my lease was up and I got an 2010 Fusion SEL. Both cars are real head-turners. I have been blown away numerous times by the stares that go on when people see the car. In today's world of every car looking the same, it's nice to own a car that has a little uniqueness to it. Most of all, both cars have been flawless and extremely fun to drive...and own! Nice job Ford...keep up the great engineering.