Wreck In My Fusion :(

My Ford Fusion was wrecked to due a driver that was in a hurry. I was hurt at 60 MPH from the side and did a 360 in the road. My car was rolled into a 6 foot drop off ditch upside down. I believe my Fusion saved my life. Thanks Ford. When my case is settled Im buying another one.

Sincerely, Tammy Bledsoe
Pam 01/10/2012
So glad you came out OK ! As a 2nd Generation Ford Dealership Owner - I see your kind of stories all the time (sitting outside our bodyshop) waiting to be "Totaled" Sometimes it is difficult to believe people can survive ! My daughter-in-law survived a totaled vehicle crash while 6 MONTHS PREGNANT with our first grandchild--She was in a Focus with GOD & THE SIDE & FRONT AIRBAGS to protect them ! I am proud that-- that baby's Great -Grandfather ( my Dad ) A Used Car Salesman -with a dream of owning his own Dealership some day--worked hard to achieve his goal and chose FORD MOTOR COMPANY. No matter what the pressure was like for FORD they NEVER compromise SAFETY for better gas millage or anything else. QUALITY IS JOB # 1 Perfect ? Maybe not- but they always have the QUALITY where it counts! When I ask about the amazing survivals after seeing the wrecks on the lot - I often say--Pity the person in that lighter weight vehicle with lighter metals and materials--I bet he wouldn't have done so well !
Cheryl Berry 12/31/2011
I recently drove a Fusion as rental..great car. Glad you are okay.
Billdoe Mueller 10/07/2011
That's flippin outrageous! dooooo!
Jose Esquilin 09/10/2011
Good to read that u are ok........my 06 fusion end up the same way yours did...but in this accident was my mom's boyfriend fault because was a very dark road was raining really hard to the point u couldnt even see in front of us and he was driving at 90 mph and drop us in a ditch no one got serious injuries and i also believe that my fusion saved my family. And mine is been repair cant wait to get it back
Sal Undy 08/29/2011
Glad you're alright.