Wife's Accident In Her 2012 Ford Fusion

Just want to take a minute to thank Ford Motor Company along with all their engineers for their efforts building a vehical that saved my wife's life in a 40 mph head on crash.
On 10/24/2012 my wife was struck head on by another vehical (suv)that was also traveling at 40 to 45 mph she was driving her brand new 2012 Ford Fusion a second after the accident she said she heard a voice "air bags deployed calling 911, press 1 to cancel, it was her sync system. The police and fire department were deployed and were there in a matter of minutes.
She was hurt and spent time in the hosiptal but is ALIVE and now recovering at home.
She says today she does not want to drive again because she was minding her own business driving to work as she does "did" everyday. In time we will be going back to Village Ford for a new Ford product.

Thank You
Loyal Ford owner.