Wheres Ur Ford Taken You? Shrimp Farming In Virginia?

In 2006 I was homeless and living in a Walmart parking lot with my Rottweiler and housecat in Denver, Colorado in a 1975 Chevy van. By 2009 I was speaking at Oxford University in the UK at TED Global, courtesy of author, speaker and former speech writer for Al Gore, Dan Pink. A lot can happen in a few years. I'm no longer homeless obviously. And in 2013 I started a magazine called VABizMagazine and now I travel around the state of Virginia interviewing, photographing and promoting small business, particularly agriculture. I still have the 75' van but I rent cars for my trips and I just discovered the Ford Fusion this weekend as I was photographing a delivery of Prawn (baby shrimp) from Texas to Virginia and my usual car choice was not available. Enterprise gave me a Ford Fusion instead and it took the 350+ mile trip on the backroads of Virginia to three shrimp farms with ease and comfort. Then I drove back in the middle of Tropical Storm Andrea. Awesome car! Thank you Ford!