Valentines Last From Past To Future.

When I was young and full of life I had a love as it was a 1966 Ford Mustang. Back then I could not afford her because my parents were struggling with bills, making sure us four kids had food on the table and a roof over our heads. This was the age of my 16th year of age. That Dream faded a long time ago now as years past I felt I lost everything deep in my heart.
This year 2013 I saw something that renewed that old spark in my heart. I went to Lonnie Cobb Ford in Henderson Tennessee and got to test drive my new love.
Shear beauty, her lines sleak and elegant, her power with that 1.6 L made me feel like that teenager all over again. I told Elu thats her name, In Native American Indian it means Beautiful. Soon as I can only pray to take you home with me forever and ever. Elu my Second love, It will be hard to pay for you because Ford says my Social Security monthly check is to low, but I'll come to visit you okay. Happy Valentines Beautiful.