This Car Saved My Life

In early November 2013 I too delivery of a 2014 Ford Fusion Titanium (the car pictured).  I loved this car, having put on 2,000 miles within weeks.

On December 17, 2013, the car was in a very bad accident.  The car absorbed an impact by another car that spun out of control on an ice covered bridge.  The car protected me and, most likely saved my life.  The onboard technology sensed the impact and immediately dialed "911", which given the fact I was on a two lane bridge, in a snow storm, and incapacited, was critical.  The car also acted to aborb the energy from the crash, not only with an air bag deployment, but also by preserving the space around me.  The car was totaled, but I was able to walk away from the accident. 

I orderded a new car on Dec. 31.  I told my car dealer that I wished to have another car, exactly like the one I purchased.  I did not hesitate one second regarding that decision. 

I wanted to write this as I appreciate the engineering and workmanship of Ford, and consider this to have saved my life.