The Start Of A Fusion Thing.

My father worked for Ford. He passed away this past Father's day. The way I honored him was to get a truck. So I picked up the Ford F-150 in the driveway. We have been a Ford family as long as I can remember. From the Ford Pinto to the Econoline van we have had everything in between. My mother just purchased the 2014 Ford Fusion SE making it 51 total ford vehicles to date.
In the meantime, my uncle has been busy as well. The black and white fusion in the street are his and not pictured are a 2014 ford focus and 2014 ford escape. At one point his family had 7 fusions in the driveay.
My Auny Kathy got into the act with a purchase of the 2013 ford fusion pictured in the driveway!
And finally comes our first fusion purchase with the green 2009 in the driveway as well. We have had great memories in that car. She runs great still and hopefully in five years when my daughter starts driving, that will be her first car and the next generation will love the Ford all over again!
Rick N 06/13/2014
Sold my 2000 Eldo bought a '13 Energi and got 126 MPGe the first year of operation...beat that PRIUS! Gotta be the best car I've ever owned!
Randy Hall 05/17/2014
Traded my Cadillac for a Fusion Energi. The dealer filled the tank and I drove it for 3 months prior to taking it to Las Vegas (250 miles away). I filled it up by adding 8 gallons of gas and drove home. Drove more normal around town for 2 more months and then went to Van Nuys (55 miles away). When I drove home I still had 1/4 tank of gas left! I've owned the Fusion Energi since mid December 2013 and have only put 8 gallons of gas in it. My Caddy would have taken hundreds of gallons by now. I love the quiet, the power, and the looks of the car. It's a wonderful car.