Thanks, Ford.

While driving to work today at 7:30am, I was hit by another sedan. He ran a red light and hit my front left fender. I was only going about 10mph (my light had only just turned green) but he flew through the four way intersection going 55 mph. He was moving so fast that I didn't even see him coming - by the time I hit the brakes, he had already plowed into my car, sending me spinning into another lane of traffic.
As soon as I was hit, my airbags deployed, my seat belt tightened, and I heard a voice over the SYNC system asking if I was ok and if I needed an ambulance. I was in such shock that I didn't even know if I could stand up or move. Had the car not called for me, it would have taken the police and ambulance much longer to arrive. The car's alarm and lights went off as well, alerting those around me that I needed help. Passerbys immediately came to my aid, and the police and ambulance arrived within 5 minutes.
Even though the other car ripped off the front of my Fusion, the entire cabin stayed intact, protecting me and preventing any serious injury. I walked away with a puffy lip and a sprained finger.
Thank you, Ford.
My Fusion saved my life today.