Students See The Future

I am a teacher in a rural area of Louisiana best known for tobacco and the Mississippi River. I used to live in the city where quite a few people had made the switch to your Ford Fusion Hybrid, they were not new to me. When my classes had decided to Go Green as their community service project, we all got to talking about all the different options you have when trying to go green. Many things were mentioned but no one mentioned anything about electric cars, hybrids, clean fuel or anything for that matter bigger than a bottle of clorox Green Works. I added your vehicle to the list and they really believed that was only something on TV. I didn't buy the hype before that rural areas were sheltered from innovation, but I was a believer after that. I showed them your vehicle on the internet and since them a few have come to class and told me they saw one on the road. For these kids who now have a vision what the future looks like they are more eager to drive and encourage their parents to drive a Ford Fusion Hybrid.