Safety Feature Saved My Life

It took 2 hours on this site to get to this point..hint. site is not user friendly.... So I had a 2006 Ford Fusion stick shift and loved it beyond words. I was driving to work in it on 10-14-2013 and was stopped at a red light behind 3 other cars at 7:15am , when a white truck never noticed me in the 55 MPH zone stopped and hit me from behind at full force. I was 6' behind the car in front of me, but when I saw the truck behind me, not slowing down, I put both feet on my brake and only dinged the car in front of me. That truck hit me at full force at55+ MPH while Iwas stopped and basically parked waiting for the light to change to green,

The point in this story is that I am still ALIVE after this major hit. I suffered whiplash and my car was totaled. i had a car that was paid off and it is gone, but I am alive. My Ford Salesman when I bought this car explained that if hit hard, the car would accoridan in and protect the passengers. He also said, losing the car and being alive and able to walk away was what this design was all about.           Thank you Ford!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!