Phanster's Fusion - How Do I Love Thee

Hi, I've had the Fusion Hybrid for almost for almost 3 weeks now, and I must say

WOW !!!
OMG !!!

This car ROCKS!!!
In every sense of the word....

Just how COOL can a Hybrid be???
Let me count the ways.

1. LOVE the color (Light Metallic Ice Blue).
It's the perfect "fusion" of quiet subtlety with relaxed coolness.

2. LOVE the body & styling...
Going on middle-age at 41yrs old, this is my first 4-door sedan...and I was kind of thinking about how it's time to get a "grown-up" car. But honestly, I feel kind of YOUNG & HIP in the Fusion....especially with the mood lighting, sound system, and the SYNC...
Suddenly, driving a 4-dr sedan, just llike having grey hair, has just become a sign of CHARACTER !!!
This is a much more ECO-Friendly way of handling a MIDLIFE crisis ;o)

3. LOVE the ride & feel of the car.
For me, it's a great balance between comfort & handling.

4. LOVE the Sound System ---> it really really ROCKs.
I recently sat in my 98 Accord to clean it up for the sale. I turned on the music....
Wow, it's like going from FM (Fusion) to AM (Honda)

5. Love the MOOD lighting...
Light Blue --> mellow
Yellow --> cheerful & happy (it's my Woodstock" mood)
Dark Blue --> Serious
White --> Neutral.
Pink ---> PAAARTTYYYY...with some SERIOUS Wattage !!!
RED ---> All REV'ED up but too MPG-conscious to go anywhere fast. OK...I stomped on the gas a couple of times ;o)

For those rare times where you need to haul A@# ...
Or when you just want to be a KID again & SHOW OFF, I mean ..."set the record straight" with the gas guzzling SUVs and monster trucks.
....OH YEAH, this car's got game !!!
All of a sudden, the middle-aged man has a little MORE ZIP in his stride.
All of a sudden, the middle-aged man doesn't feel so slow.
But of course, he CHOOSES to take it "nice" and "easy".
But it's nice to KNOW that he can take it "nice" and "rough" if needed.

7. LOVE the absolutely COOL !!!
Whenever I show off the car to flks, I always have the SYNC system read back my text message...
the one that says "Happy Birthday to You" (as the Fusion is my birthday present to myself) --> always puts a BIG smile on my face!!!!
And when using it with the USB media...the SYNC has MORE FEATURES than my "sad" little Philips MP3 player.
Now, if you can get down Sync to better recognize some Asian-American names....maybe next generation!!!

8. LOVE the Driver's Vision Package: BLIS with Cross Traffic Alert, Rear Park Assist, and Back-up Camera.
They have already saved me from "disaster".

9. LOVE the LCD Instrument Cluster...especially the Engage and Empower.
You've just set the Industry's trend.

10. And last but certainly NOT LEAST --> the HYBRID.
Along with the Instrument just brings out the techno-geek in me to see how much mileage at can get --> so that is FUN.
But I love the FUEL savings....
I'm currently on my 2nd tank of gas.
My first tank of gas --> 15.1 gallons over 562.4miles --> that's 37.3mpg average (most of that was driving the car back to Dallas from SW Missouri)
My best so far --> 59.6mpg over 2.5miles !!!

All in all...This car is SO MUCH FUN to drive.
I'm sure it's partly because of the "New Car Fever", but there's MORE to it than that !!!

For me, the car has that "gotta-drive-it" factor....and that is exactly it !!!
I find myself wanting to drive it as much as I can...and getting excited each time I'm about to get in the car (But of course I'm still pragmatic and only drive when necessary).

Congratulations to Ford for building such a COOL, FUN, but DELIGHTFULLY PRACTICAL car!!!

My GRATITUDE to Ford for saving me from being "Prius" practical !!!
Somehow, being "Prius" practical would have just HIGHLIGHTED my GREY HAIR in a very unflattering manner.

Who would have thought?
The "Fusion"'s like Albert Einstein meets Woodstock!!!

You may have very well just converted me into a new "Fordie-for-Life".

But this is the best endorsement I can give.

Picture a car commercial about a new car owner..

It's brisk fall weather and 3AM in the morning. In front of the house is the Fusion...and inside is the new car owner - in his pajamas, reading the owner's manual and "playing" with the gadgets. that's LOVE !!!

Flash foward one week and FIVE COATS OF WAX later....
The owner has casually just discovered, did his software upgrade, and signed up for Sync Services for his "Phanster-Fusion"
....2 hrs later at 2:15AM (actually it's 3:15AM with Daylight's Savings Time), the owner has managed to put a sweatshirt over his jammies and is now driving around the block a couple of times just to get his Very FIRST Vehicle Health Report, jamming to Gary Newman's tune, Cars:

"Here in my car
I feel safest of all
I can lock all my doors
It's the only way to LIVE
In cars "

"Here in my car
I can only RECEIVE (and CALL)
I can LISTEN to you
It keeps me STABLE for days
In cars"

....I think LOVE has just turned into OBSESSION !!!