Not Too Old To Travel

 In 2011 my good friend and I made a decision to travel to Kgalagadi as we were longing to pitch a tent, have a braai and see animals. The only problem was we did not have a 4 wheel drive and a man to help! My friend was about to get a new car and she liked my Ford Fiesta although it was quite a few years old. A few weeks later she arrived with a brand new Ford Figo 1.4. That was wonderful but still no 4 wheel drive and still no man to help us.
We seriously planned and asked questions and phoned people and we took the brave decision to go during the September holidays as I was working at a school. Yes we took the brand new Figo and putting the seats down we packed our tents, cooking items, water bottles, camera books etc. We pitched our tents all the way  there and back, excepting for the first and last night, including in the park.
We didn't  have a  single problem with the car, the animals or people.
So in 2013 we using the Ford Figo again we went to Etosha and back. We went on some hair raising roads with pot holes and corrugation. Everywhere we went people were amazed that 2 ladies in sedan car were brave enough to take on this adventure. We spent 27 days in Namibia and travelled 6500 kilometres going to all the touristy places as well as off the beaten track.
We took turns to drive and with music and a cd of" The Kite Runner" we were entertained on the long stretches of the road. Everyone was most helpful where we went.
The only thing which went wrong was a tyre which was badly cut by rock whilst driving.
The Figo1.4 the smallest of it's kind didn't give us any problems and my friend asked me to tell all about our trip.
Oh I almost forget- I am over 60 and she is over 70!
Kind Regards
Marsha Pretorius and Christiane Payne.
PS. We are still looking for a 4 wheel drive vehicle and a few good men!!!!
june linde 10/28/2013
What two wonderful "old" young at heart ladies. I sincerely hope you find a 4x4 for your next trip (as well as a young strong man to accompany you)