Never A Ford!

I grew up in a Family that loved Ford's. My Grandfather owned 12, all my relatives drove Fords and my father thought that Ford was the only "real" vehicle available.
For every reason that my family loved Fords, I had 20 reasons why I hated them. My first car was a 1976 Ford Maverick. It was the "bicentennial" edition. It was white with blue and red stripes. That really didn't matter, because I hated it. I was the third child in the family to drive it and I was hoping for the day that it would stop running. It had a "squeak" that could be heard several hundred feet away. To this day without seeing the car, I can tell you when an old Ford is creeping up behind me. They had a unique sound that I could never find to grease.
Once I left home, I sold my Ford and bought me a Nissan Maxima. I was so happy with it. It didn't have the squeak and it wasn't a FORD.
Since that time, I have tried out a variety of makes and models of cars. I have owned the Toyota MR2, a Nissan 240 SX, Mercedes Benz 300 E 4Matic, Lexus RX300 and the Lexus GX470. My favorite by far is the Lexus. I never ever thought that Ford would make anything that would impress me. BUT in 2010, I had to eat my words. Unbelievable! I drove the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid just to shut my husband up. I was ready to drive it and trash the car. I could only smile when I came back to the dealership after my test drive. I never thought that I would find the comfort, style, options and handling that mimiced my Lexus for only $32,000. AWWWW! We had to buy this car! I kept my Lexus and my husband kept his Avalanche and we fight over the Ford. I ask my friends now, "Have you Driven a Ford Lately?". I am so shocked. Thank you Ford for making such a great vehicle. It will perform for me and keep me green! I love the weather radar and the movie listings! I do miss the rain-sensing wipers, but I have figured out how to turn them on again! Ha Ha! Life is good in my Lexus, but it is great in my FORD with 4 color choices of ambient lighting!
joshua 02/02/2010
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