My Wife's Accident

My wife Tonie was driving home on I-35 early in the morning on 9/11/2013. She was hit by 2 trucks and pushed into a concrete wall. The car was totally demolished but she survived. She is sore but seems to be OK otherwise. After looking at the pictures of the car I would have to say it is a miracle she survived and a real tribute to the safety features of the Ford Fusion.  We are looking for another one to replace it. It was a great car. We bought it from a local dealer, Arlen Krantz in Sandstone, MN. We have him looking for another Ford.
Kim R 09/24/2013
Wow, glad to see that all of the safety testing was worth it! I am so happy that she is safe after that one!
Anthony Poole 09/14/2013
Glad your wife is ok! That picture is a testament to the strength and safety of a Ford. Good luck in your search for another Fusion!