My Fusion Saved My Life

The safety features on my Fusion were AMAZING! I was on my way to work and was rear ended my a coal truck traveling 60mph and I walked away with a few minor cuts and bruises and 4 band-aids! The extra time and effort that Ford puts into their cars shows!
Nick 11/10/2010
WOW!!! My 2008 Ford Escape saved my life! The entire front end of my car was completely tore off and my Escape rolled over. The side curtain airbags and front air bags deployed quickly, but not so much that i had large bruising on chest like a friend of mine had when she crashed her Chevy. I will never buy anything but a Ford they make top quality cars and are the coolest looking cars on the market today!!! Thank you Ford for saving my life!!
Greg 11/06/2010
Wow Melissa, glad you came out alright. I love my 2010 Fusion and reading this makes me love it even more. I went from a Focus ZX4 ST to a Fusion SEL. While I loved my Focus, I feel safer and love the comfort features of my Fusion. I would definitely recommend a Fusion to anyone and now I'm going to send them here to read your story. Amazing.
rick 10/29/2010
After driving a brand new Ford Fusion while on vacation I do believe that my next new car will be one and after seeing this picture I believe it will.
matt 10/28/2010
That is indeed commendable. That car shows how the ends are designed as crumple zones to absorb an impact but the passenger cell stays rigid and looks like it barely deformed. Almost looks like the doors could still be opened. Plus, the fuel tank even with that impact didn't explode. Impressive! Someone did their homework designing that body + chassis.
Andrew Roberts 10/20/2010

Wow! Are you serious! That is amazing! I know somebody that had that same thing happen to them(except is was a dump truck)!
Vilsomar 10/15/2010
I live in Brazil and bought my first Ford Fusion in September this year. It is used, the year 2008 and is 7,500 miles. The car is incredible, very safe and comfortable.
Piter 10/12/2010
Hi!!! It is good car.
I have Ford Focus and I like it!!!!!