My Fusion Hero That Will Never Die!!!

By Jose E.

me and my family went to Florida for our week vacation, to visit my sister and nephews. everything was very nice till sunday night july 10,2011 just the night before the day we were going back home up in philadelphia pennsylvania. was tired and as a responsible driver i pass my car key and allowed my mom's boyfriend to drive my car on the way to his dauther house..not knowing that right there i make probably the worst mistake in my life. was around 9;35pm when he was driving by a really dark road and was no traffic at all. you couldnt even see what was in front of the car as was also raining . very smart from him driving at 90 miles per hour!!!! droping my family in my car into a 6 foot deep ditch that was half full of water because of the hard rain. my mom was unable to move at all and my brother have to drag he rout of the car, my sister was bleeding and my brother got hurt since he slammed into the front seat. after 40 minutes there not knowing where we were and no one around we finally saw a ford ranger coming our way and that guy got us help. my mom and sister were taken to the hospital. me and my brother had to wait for a tow truck to pick up my car finally by 4;35am and my mom's boyfriend ran away got a flight ticket and went back to philly left us down there without a car and no way to go back home. we finally make it back home 2 weeks after that night in my sister ford taurus. me, my family and my friend's really believe that my fusion save our lives that night thanks to ford because they really care about safety. they not only built stylish, very safe car's with a lot of awesome technology they also built them tough. my fusion not only save me and my family...also stay strong to give me many more year's on the road, its been repair and i cant wait to drive it again.......thanks guys keep up the awesome work!!!! Jose Esquilin