My Adventure To Duval Ford

Yesterday was a beautiful day to go for a ride. I cannot get on a motorcycle anymore because I have nueropathy. My husband has a chev truck silveraldo. It is a 2002 very old. Anyway, I was riding down the street when I saw Duval Ford. I wanted to see the Fusion so I walked inside the showroom floor. That;s when I got hit in the head. Know I see what a ll the fusion is about. That car was beautiful. It was blue. A shiny blue. I got really excited when I got to see the inside and smelled a new beautiful car. I havn't had a new car in 20 years. Kids, I bought a harley now I cannot drive it. So i gave it to my son in Baltimore. And if I would win that is where I would take off for. To go see my son in Baltimore. He is 28. I havn;t been able to see him since he came and got my bike. He drove it all the way back by humself. What a man. Well I hope and pray I win this car in blue. Thank you for reading this . If you like it tweet me at @theresa24.