"Mom, I Didn't Even Hit The Airbag"

I own a beautiful 2007 Ford Fusion with all the options. Leather heated seats, moonroof etc. It's the nicest, most comfortable car I've ever owned. Recently my son got his license and I bought him an older car to drive around in. After a few weeks the clutch went out on his car. I allowed him to drive my Fusion to drop off his brother. On his way home, he rear ended his friend. The airbag deployed and he ended up doing about 6 grand in damage to the Fusion. When I asked him if he was ok, if he had whiplash, if he was sore, he said, "Mom, I barely moved. I didn't even hit the airbag." The car absorbed so much of the impact that my son was hardly even jarred. I am so impressed with my Fusion and with Ford. Thank you Ford for staying on the right track and for continuing to make safe and beautiful cars and trucks. Kudos to you!!