Loved Enough To Buy Five (5) Fords!!!

Yes, I have loved Fords enough to buy five (5) over my lifetime. Good news is that I am getting ready to get number six (6)!! My driving needs have beocme less this year as I am now working close to home, so I am struggling between the Fusion and the Focus. Ford has really kicked it up and I can hardly wait to get behind the wheel of my new auto this fall.
Cody M 07/20/2012
Cant wait to get into my new ford! debating between a v6 fusion and a focus, however i like both the vehicles, i really need good mpg. my f150 is a 2000 and doesnt get the best mileage (14.5) however i do love it, its getting to the point where i need to save money, cant keep filling her up for $80 a week. Always will be a ford fan ever since our first ford in 2002 (the f150)...thanks for sharing it has helped me figure out what to really consider. and thanks to Ford for making my first vehicle purchase so easy and building the quality vehicles that you all do!
Phil Z 04/21/2012
Glad to hear! We need more people like you helping to keep Ford strong! Thank you!