I've Been Converted!

For over 20 years i always said the day I drive a Ford is the day i quit driving. I was a hardcore chevy fan and owned several GM products including impalas, camaros and cobalts.
After a recent addition to my family I decided to start looking at new vehicles. I visited many dealerships and test drove a new Impala, a new Cobalt (horrible) and a new Traverse, which i actually really liked. While attending a cook out at a friends, I overheard his brother saying many good things about the new Ford line up. After speaking with him for a while I found out he worked at Atchley Ford in Omaha, NE. He told me to come in and he gaurenteedme that he would convert me to Fords.
I visited the dealership later that week and Chris had a tuxedo black 2010 Fusion SE waiting for me in front of the dealership. I was immediatly drawn to the paint. The tuxedo black looked like a very expensive custom paint job. I was told it was a 4 cylender and was initially detered. Let me tell you, after a quick test drive, it was obvious that this was no 4 banger i had driven before. It was very "snappy" and had the passing power i needed for my daily commute. The interior was beautiful, the vinyl was soft and the seats were very comfterable.
After a hard night of deligation, i decided I would take the plunge and buy a ..gulp...Ford. I signed the papers the next day and drove home in my new Fusion, smiiling as my on board computer told me i was averaging 26mpg.

Its only been 700 miles but i could not be happier. To all the Chevy guys out there, i would recomend taking a look at what ford has to offer. you will not be dissapointed.

Thanks Ford!
bryan cordova 03/20/2011
Welcome to the family! It takes a lot to be converted as I could never think of owning anything else but a Ford. I was born with blue oval in my blood as it comes down from my families DNA. You will be very happy with your Fusion.
crabber1967 11/04/2010
From a live-long "Ford Boy" welcome to the family!
topshelf 09/23/2010
sorry "we" just converted another "GM" fan.
Sorry and WELOME!!!
Same thing We've been saying for 40 years,sorry Chevy,,but Ford's been saying it for years.
GM v/s Ford
to each,He has his own taste.
In My 45 yrs of driving in a Ford/Merc/Linc.
The handles,knobs,dashboard markings were designed and "NOT" just added on ,added "perks" were engineered into the car before design, not after like GM.
I'm sorry for GM losing Old"s .I miss the Cutlass,LeMans,AND the "455 /442Cutlass,and the old Goat
That is a part of automotive history for us"old foke"
Lest We not forget the "roadrunner" too