If Your Buying Or Leasing A Car Read This

I was recently in a auto accident no worries. I dropped my car off at the body shop and I rented a 2014 Ford Fusion. I have owned several Ford trucks for our business and a 2002 Explorer Eddie Baur (by the way my all time favorite vehicle or so I thought) the rental car company gave me a Fusion SE. From the moment they handed me the key I knew I was going to be impressed and it just got better. I have rented so many cars over the years (mostly for golf vacations) I would always try to rent a different vehicle (to see if its a car or truck i would want to own). Some good some not so good. Well this Fusion is incredible.
I could'nt believe this is a mid level car the quality the quietness the power and all the electronic features all of these were way above my expections. The most recent car i rented was a 2013 Audi A4 (I thought lets go all out) and I won't lie very nice car I was impressed, however for the price it should be nothing less then impressive. I know the A4 and the Fusion are not in the same class but the Fusion handles better has way more power, better comfort (alot more room) and the technology in the Fusion hands down blew the A4 away. All I can say is don't buy or lease another car until you test drive a Ford Fusion. I know without question when my lease is up on my current vehicle my next car will be a Fusion. And my rental is the SE model I can only imagine what the titanium model is like.
Thanks for reading
David C