Head-on Collision Four Hours After Purchase

As the title declares, just four hours after purchasing a brand-new 2013 Ford Fusion S, I was returning home when the driver of an on-coming truck attempted an illegal pass around the vehicle in front of him and struck me head-on, smashing my car up against a guardrail and trapping me inside. Both vehicles were totaled. My car had a mere 57 miles on it. I am grateful to the numerous sophisticated safety features of the 2013 Ford Fusion as I escaped without even one broken bone to the amazement of me, the responding emergency personnel, and in particular, even the total loss specialist who was assigned to my case by my insurance company. I was speechless when questioned by my friends and family as to what type of car I would buy upon receiving my settlement. "If I thought I liked the Ford Fusion before this happened, I wouldn't buy anything else now," I responded! It is my fervent hope that I can get my pictures and story to the fantastic team of safety design engineers at Ford. The photos offer a fairly substantial forensic view of how well the Fusion absorbed the impact. Thank you to everyone at Ford for building a fine automobile that in the end saved my life! I greatly welcome hearing back from Ford upon reading my letter. Best regards.
Ashley 08/15/2013
That's why its called "GO FURTHER".