Head-on Collision Four Hours After Purchase!

Four hours after purchasing a brand-new gorgeous silver 2013 Ford Fusion with just 57 miles on it, I was on my way home when an on-coming truck attempted an illegal pass from the opposite direction and I was unable to avoid a head-on collision that trapped me inside until paramedics arrived. Had I been driving my old car I may not be typing this as we speak. It was a severe impact that totalled both of our vehicles. It is still amazing that I walked away escaping broken bones or worse and it is my great hope that the safety design team of engineers at Ford has the opportunity to view the photos I took of the vehicular damage as they provide a decent forensic view of how the 2013 model took the impact. When the dust finally settled, I went right out and purchased the exact same vehicle again, right down to the color! Thank you Ford Motor Co.!
uclalum i 08/21/2013
That is insane.  I am sooo happy you are okay.  That poor Fusion.  The Fusions' safety record is why my wife drives one, especially with our two kids in tow.

Now we all understand why the dealer won't let you leave the lot without insurance verification, even if you pay cash.  After all, no one ever "plans" to be in an accident!  Hopefully you had uninsured motorist coverage, if it was needed!