Great Car I Hope Ford Keeps Going In This Direction!

I bought my third ford after trying out dodge, chevy, and toyota. Now i'm back to Ford for good needless to say I had bad experiences with the three brands I tried the worst was chevy then dodge then toyota. They just wasn't Ford qaulity I have come to love. The third Ford I bought recently was a 2011 Ford Fusion and I love it. So far I have no regrets in the 4000 miles i've had it. I still love my old 1999 Mustang V6 3.8L with 225,000 miles on it with original equipment. The mustang doesn't use or leak any oil with no service engine light everything still works perfect on it. I've done normal maintenance on the car and would drive it anywhere. I'm confident to say that it has many more thousands of miles left and the Fusion will prove to be just as reliable and fun to drive!