Glad To Be Alive

By Omar B.

I recently came to the United States for vacation and rented a ford fusion from alamo car rental.We decided to visit friends in Tampa Florida so we drove up from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa and had a great deal of fun. The car drove great and was great on fuel so i was pleased with my choice. what changed my whole outlook was what happened after we left the movies.We stopped at a Red light in Riverview Tampa behind two cars still in a good mood chatting about the movies and laughing when suddenly I heard a deafening bang and i found myself slightly airborne. I hit my head on the roof but before any damage could happen i was pulled back into my seat.When we finally stopped i looked behind me to check on my friends in the back. I jumped out and started to get my friends out of the car checking everyone. with everyone out of the fusion i started to look around at damage to realize that a Toyota highlander had ran into us and pushed us into two other cars about forty feet. After the ambulance came and a took the injured the hospital the detective on duty told me that from his estimation the highlander hit us at about 60 mph and the driver did not brake up. when the wrecker came they looked in back to see the Suvs bumper pushing through the rear passenger seat. They told me that we were lucky to be alive and that the car was definitely built ford tough to allow us to walk away from the accident .Thank God i chose the fusion
Rakshit 06/07/2011
It is very good to know you are safe and fine. It generally takes less than 100 milliseconds for such mishaps to happen, but the impact is huge. That is why vehicle safety becomes so important, and people don't realize this often, but the research and development on passive safety, body structures and advanced materials at the Ford Motor Co is top notch making the cars the safest things on wheels. One look at the Ford technology page should give a good idea.