Ford Fusion And The Go Further

I sat half asleep thinking about what it would be like to own a new car. I never own one in my life so would not know the feeling. I fell head over heel about the Fusion hybrid. Being in college and getting my degree as a Graphic Designer, I noticed how aerodynamic this car is, its like it cuts the air. I had this dream one night, I was walking down my road pitch black outside stars above casting their light. From the distance I saw bright lights coming towards me with no sound. I felt like a deer in the head lights as it seem to get closer with every passing second. I closed my eyes and prepared for impact. The next thing I heard was a car door opening and a man said" Hey are you Kevin, I open my eyes and said yes I am, why do you ask. Still unclear of what is going on. The Man came out saying " Well, I sorry I am later but this is your 2013 Ford fusion you asked for. I fell over on the road, moments later I climb in and the first thing I saw was this Symbol. I created it and yes its a Jpeg. This stood out in my dream. its a Go Further sign. I woke up and spent hours creating it from my dream.