Ford Engineers Saved My Life

Last Saturday, Ford engineers saved my life. 

I was on my way to pick up my wife from an event when my life changed. 

A car driven by a distracted 17 year old kid blew through a red light right in front of me. I just had enough time to slam on the brakes and blow my horn, and then I hit his car right on the passenger door. 

He was going at speed, and so was I. The combined forces involved must have been staggering. 

The seatbelt grabbed me as it should, and the airbag deployed perfectly. I never even felt it. All those stories about how airbags can hurt you sure didn't apply in this case. The only damage I felt at the time was a bruise on my thumb--because I was frantically blowing the horn as the airbag deployed. 

Stunned, I noticed that my Sync system was calling 911, and moments later I was talking to the emergency dispatcher. She asked what had happened, and then whether she could use my gps coordinates to send help. 

What a relief! I didn't have to think, and believe me at that moment I was glad that I didn't. I was shaken up!

After a minute I exited the vehicle and inspected it. The crumple zones crumpled exactly as designed, but the drive train and passenger compartment were still intact. If the radiator hadn't been damaged, I could have driven the car home. I did drive it off the road, amazed at how well the car survived the crash. 

I am absolutely convinced that had the accident taken place a few decades ago, before all the safety engineering we now take for granted, I would have been seriously injured or even killed. 

I am grateful to the unsung heroes who perhaps saved my life: the engineers at Ford.