Disabled But Made Comfortable Through Ford

By G H.

Recently I had the need to rent a vehicle. The need turned out to be a pleasure once I was given a late model Ford Fusion from the car rental company. Being disabled and having to use a mobility device, this Ford Fusion fit into my situation seamlessly. My caregiver was able to comfortably fit my scooter into the back trunk with any issues. Access to the trunk was low and the the trunk extremely spacious. Being on a fixed income I was impressed with how fuel efficient this vehicle is. We were able to make several doctor's appointments and a round trip to Greenville, SC from Atlanta, GA on one tank of gas. My disability is primarily affecting my back and knees. Getting into and out of this car was extremely easily. Being tall and slightly heavy didn't prove uncomfortable in this car either. There was enough legroom for me to stretch out my legs completely and the seats cradled my back with comfort. Overall it was an impressive experience and all I can do is wish that I had one of these vehicles of my own. I have had Ford vehicles in the past and I must admit that I was never disappointed with any of my experiences.