Deer In The Headlights

On 03/04/2014 at about 1230am my friend Amanda who is the owner of the Fusion and I were just coming back from a Mom's Night Out when a deer ran out and hit us! Amanda was in the process of moving over into the left lane to give way to an 18 wheeler that was pulled over on the right shoulder when the doe bolted out and Amanda hit her right in the body just behind the left shouldert and the doe exploded, however it felt like we had just run over a bump in the road. We had to travel down about two more exits to an open gas station to get out and the damage. From just under the center Ford emblem, the fromt clip to the right side light/grille/fender were demolished. However the car stability was excellent! Amanda was able to control the wheel with very little jarring, no tires burst, no windsheild cracked..nothing. The fact that Amanda was in the process of completly getting to the left lane right on impact, so she was really in the middle of the road, also with no other cars being near us, Amanda's driving ability and above all God and Him blessing people with the skill to engineer and produce such a fine vehicle, I really think is why we are here today and I am able to make this post. We were supposed to go in my car which is a a sedan and comparable in size to the Fusion is not a Ford and the front is a slant. But Amanda said "we can take my car", and I'm glad for the safety of the Fusion that we did. Because if had hit that deer in my car, it would have been in my windsheild and the out come would have been more severe even possibly fatal. It just so happened that I had just did a review of my Life Insurance Policies the morning before. I truly believe if we were in my car, my family would be needing those policies sooner than I hoped. So, I would again like to say Thank you for making this car the way it was made. Thank you all for using your God given talents and abilities. Also, Thank You to my Friend Amanda M. James. I love you and God knows I hope to be to you the friend you are and always have been to me and my family.