Coming Home

Driving home from work, being a Navy Recruiter has it's long work hours. I had just got on the highway heading north. I was in the driving lane and a 18 wheeler was in the passing lane. I was doing 65 right beside him, then all of a sudden my car shook, no biggie thought it was because he was beside me. Then my car got hit, and got hit again and I spun out and he T-Boned me , pushing me and I finally came to a stop in the driving lane, unharmed! Wish I could say the same for my car. I walked away with out a scratch! My car protected me just ike it was designed to. I would buy another Ford Fusion again, and probably will in the future. Thank you Ford for designing such a great car!!

Jose Esquilin 09/11/2011
i have a 06 fusion and im glad to know that other fusion had save more lives just like mine did......the only diffence is im lucky to say that mine will be back on the road soon!!!!!!!! love my fusion
Norm 04/21/2011
Love It great to know that I drive a Fusion and im that safe!
Ashley Goode 04/01/2011
Hmmm Do you know why your car shook? Did another car cause the crash or was it a blown tire?? I'm curious...
Ashley Goode 03/31/2011
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