Ceo Brings Ford Into The 21st Century

Some years back, while working for a division of the Sperry Rand Corp., I visited a VP at Ford World Headquarters. We had developed an Electronic System that could predict when a crash was eminent and could trigger the airbag system much sooner than accelerometers and at higher speeds. This system would also provide true ground speed for anti-skid brake systems and also a digital speedometer. The VP told me two things: 1. Ford engineers could do it cheaper mechanically. ( the analog speedometer costs about 95 cents) and 2. Ford would NEVER put a computer in an automobile. I wonder where he is now. My 2011 Fusion Hybrid is an engineering marvel because that phylosophy has changed at Ford. The electronics in this car are mind blowing. Keep it up. Ford is now leading the industry. Not following.

One of the smartest things Ford has done was to hire Mr Mullaley from Boeing . He has made Ford what it is today, without bailouts, and his vision will carry it into the future.
Larry M 09/10/2012
You are sooo right about Alan Mulally. I used to word at Boeing, for 20 years, and was fortunate enough to work on the 777 jetliner, Alan's remarkable "Working Together" testiment. Although, I was able to meet and present to Alan numerous times, I doubt he would remember me, however I will never forget his energy, intelligence and tireless drive to create products that customers just "gotta have." Ford is a remarkable company with great people, and with Alan's leadership, they will build amazing products the I "gotta have," like my 2011 F150 Raptor SuperCrew....awesome!