Can't Get In

On the evening of Dec 23, sometime after 11pm, someon tried to break into my ford fusion. They used a brick and a huge block of concrete. There were xmas packages for my grandkids in the back seat, and the trunk. I had loaded them the day before i was leaving to see my kids, because it was supposed to be pouring rain the next day.
They left several deep scratches, and 2 bad dents on the drivers side back door. However, they were unable to get into my car at all!!!
I just wanted to thank Ford for making such a great product and also standing behind there product whenever needed. I was so thankful they could not get in, as my grandchildren would have been very upset if grandma did not have any xmas presents for them. The Fusion deserves any and all awards it receives!
I bought this car new in April, 2009, and have taken special care of it since then, always using Ford service for oil changes etc. There was not a scratch on it until this break in attempt. Unfortunely, I have $1000 deductible on my insurance, and can't afford to get the car fixed, but as my mom always said; 'there is a silver lining in everything', and the silver lining here is that the car was built so well, the vandals could not get in at all, and the presents were saved.
Thanks again for a wonderful car. I love it still.
Kathie Gelski
George Kesselring 03/14/2010
I bought a Ford Taurus, a 1998 model, witch I still drive. I have had it in the shop twice, once when they did a recall to adjust something, and when the engine light came on to check it. I took it to the repair shop and it cost me $25. the repair reciept said "reset the computer" Other than replacing tires, battries etc, it is running just fine... I owned two Toyotas back in the 70's. One dumped me on an interstate highway, and the second one, when I stopped for a stop sign, and started to fo , the left frount wheeel fell off. I promised to never own a Toyota again, and have kept that promise.
Carlos 02/24/2010
Sounds a little bit similar to my story. I was basically born into a Ford family. My dad only bought Ford cars: Pinto, 69 Ford F250, 72 Mach 1, and various other Mustangs owned in the 80's. I remember being 12 years old in 1990 and drooling over 5.0 Mustangs glistening at the local Ford showroom. At 16 I cemented that I was Mustang enthusiast through and through and finally bought my first 90LX Mustang when I was 19 years old. This was 97 and while I drove a Mustang I just couldn't bear to recommend any other Ford cars as they had become synonymous with low quality and unreliable. Working at an auto shop I experienced this first hand with the many Ford cars that came in needing repairs while being fairly low miles. I begrudgingly kept my allegiance to my Mustang and bought a Camry once I got married. I would never leave the Mustang cult but I just couldn't depend on Ford for an everyday driver. Fast forward 08-09. I still have my 04 Cobra but now my somewhat recent Camry becomes a money pit: repair after repair and problem after problem. Ford had refused bailout money and I knew something good would come out of it even if only bragging rights to my GM loving friends. Well 3 months ago I decided I have had enough of the Fix Or Repair Daily toyota Camry (yea, the irony). I bought a Fusion Hybrid and am not looking back. I am no longer ashamed of my team and while it wasn't exactly great to be a Ford guy during those dark years I'm glad I stuck with the team.
Dominik 01/28/2010
My family used to be loyal Ford owners. Until the 90's. Ugly designs, terrible quality, and reliability I don't want to mention :( So...we started driving Honda from then on..and had no issues. BUT (!) then came the 2008/2009 recession...everyone was looking for a my family and I watched and watched...and for cryin' out loud...FORD DID NOT TAKE A SINGLE PENNY! We choked-up, started reading details, researching to try and find some excuse to lash out at Ford. NOTHING! How could that be? A company in trouble not begging for FREE money from the poor taxpayers?! I WAS SHOCKED, SURPRISED, AMAZED and PLEASED! YES PLEASED! I was at the Honda dealer looking to buy my 2009 Accord EX-L V6 when the news broke about Ford refusing any hand-outs. I got mad because I thought Ford was just tugging at people's patriotic feelings. THEY DIDN'T. I looked at my lovely 2004 Element EX-S, and said sorry won't see a new Honda next to you this summer. IT'S GOING TO BE A FORD!


Mary Artemis 01/22/2010
Whoo. Someone, please help her get that fixed. Good samaritans at FORD?