Best Looking Mid Size Sedan Available.

I am new in the US. Came to this beautiful country app. 2 months ago from Denmark, and I'll be working here for 2 years. 

Before I left Denmark, I already researched the US car market, and immediately fell in love with the Fusion's awesome design. Coming from a Ford family with many sweet memories from the childhood, being on vacation in our Cortina, Taunus and later Sierra, I've always had a passion for the Blue Oval - and I have also had the pure thrill of owning a classic 1966 Mustang back home.

On other words:  I didn't really hesitate when going out to buy a car here in the US, and I quickly ended up with a brand new Tuxedo black Fusion, which is a blast to drive!

One thing however bothers me: Why don't you make Drl (Daytime Running Lamps) standard on all cars -and not only the ones sold in Canada or as fleet models? Again: Coming from Denmark, where Drl's have been mandatory since early 1990's I would Never drive my car without my headlights on, and I really don't understand why you don't enable this life-saving feature in all new Fusions?

Look at the competition: The other big US automaker has Drl's, and so does the majority of the Japanese, and if you do a little research on the internet, it comes clear that the Drl function is in fact possible to activate on all Fusions as well, but why don't you then inform the dealers on how to activate them - and let the customers decide whether they want to increase traffic safety or not? Right now, most dealers are not aware of the fact that they can activate the Drl's just by changing the car's software settings, so one has to search for a dealer who wants (And knows how) to do it.

Why make it so troublesome Ford? Trying to hide away a function which is proven to safe lives and increase safety, when all dealers could turn the Drl's on within minutes, if they got the proper instructions from you?

Pls. seriously consider this! But besides from that, I'm still more than happy with my new Fusion, so until I find a dealer who can turn the Drl's on for me, I'm forced to do it manually everytime I drive, and this is simply not acceptable when looking at the competiton's options!