Best Car I Ever Rented

By Judy N.

On a recent trip to California I happened to rent a Ford Fusion. Rentals are generally not the most "loaded" car, but I could not have been happier with the Fusion. It is beautifully designed, snappy, wonderful features, fantastic to drive, I just loved it. I have told so many people that it's one of the nicest cars I've ever driven. At one point I was parked next to a very expensive foreign luxury car, and the Fusion was far more stylish. I have driven Chryslers since the 1980's, and now, in the market for a new car, I do not intend to buy another Chrysler. Unfortunately, I won't buy the Ford Fusion either because I really want an suv. But, because of my experience with the Fusion, I will definitely check out Ford suvs, which I had not expected to do as I thought my mind was made up to purchase the Buick Enclave. No matter which way I go, sincere congratulations to the designers of the Ford Fusion. If I were buying a sedan I would immediately purchase the Fusion, as the price is unbelievably low for such a marvelous car.