A Funny Story

it all happen on a friday in may in 2007. i left work and went to fiill my tank...i was pulling out of the gas station when a man came running across the street. i did not pull out in the road...when i saw him come near my car i asked him if he worked at the ford dealaship..he said yes and i asked him to give me a business card...i will be in next wednesday with my husband to buy a car..hesaid to me lets go know and he jumped into my back seat and we drove over to look at the ford fusion..what was important was i wanted leather seats..he show me a red one that was it...we sat down and went back and forth and we made the deal...my husband wanted to come but he was 40 minutes away... the funny part when i tell this story..you let a stranger in my car ha ha ha ..after all was done i called my husband i made the deal and i am bringing home the red fusion..it only took about an hour and a half..but the next funny thing my husband said to me...get a blue one i said..deal all done and shut up and i wiill be home soon...i tell this story all the time and i laugh....but the sad part i lost my husband a year and a half ago...he loved the car...o thought this a good story and a funny one also..i hope this story makes people laugh especially when the salesman jumps into my car...but all ended nice and i have a wonderful red fusion and a happy memoies...i hope you enjoy the story and you have to picture this.... thank you harlene