A Family's Love Of Ford Continues...

My parents and I have been a Ford family for years and years. The cars have served us incredibly well over the years. I've had friends tell me that Ford should use us for commercials. We've owned some non-Fords, but we just keep coming back to Ford.

Here's a list of what we've owned (that I can remember):

- Thunderbird: late 70s or early 80s. The big green aircraft carrier.
- two 1966 Mustangs: both 289s, one white, one turquoise. Family cars for about 10 years. Dad always wanted one, so he bought two.
- 1990 Taurus: rear-ended at 450K miles. Would have kept going. Only major work - replaced engine mounts.
- 1992 Taurus: 250K-300K miles. Only major incident - flywheel shattered while I was doing 70 mph.
- 1999 Taurus: 200K-250K miles. Bit of an electrical problem with the wipers, transmission finally died. Many miles were in Washington, DC traffic.
- 1999 Ford Ranger: Dad's current vehicle. 150K+ miles, still on original tires.
- 2002 Volvo S60 AWD: my car in DC for awhile (still owned by Ford at the time).
- 2007 Land Rover LR3: my car in Colorado for awhile (still owned by Ford at the time).
- 2007 Fusion SEL: Mom's current car. Her first brand new car in over 20 years.
- 2010 Ford Fusion Sport AWD: husband's current car. Took awhile for me to convince him to look at it. Chose this over a BMW 335xi.
- 2011 Ford Fusion Sport AWD: my new car, arriving this week. Chose this over Audi S5.

I convinced my in-laws to buy a Taurus a few years ago, and I convinced a friend to buy a Fusion Sport late last year. My dad will buy a Fusion in the next year or two.

I have a 2010 Subaru Outback 3.6R right now. It's not bad, but it's not sporty. I was looking at the high-end Europeans, but the Fusion Sport is a fantastic car at a great price. And it has a better AWD system than my Subaru. One time this winter, I got stuck in my driveway in Colorado. My husband, in his Fusion Sport AWD, did a 3-point turn in 8" of snow and zipped right past me. I was...annoyed.

Ford has had their off years, but they are back. I think the Fusion revolutionized Ford and allowed them to do the great things now - notably the Fiesta, the new Focus, and the new Taurus. The various Mustang versions kick the pants of the Camaro.

Things I'd like to see: a 300+ hp engine in the Fusion Sport, some of the super sport things from Europe, more diesels (I despise hybrids), continued innovation in gas-engine fuel economy.

Thanks Ford!